So did we !¬† Until we developed a simple, effective solution…..

As you know, despite their strengths, 2nd Generation Dodge Ram trucks not generally known for their precise steering.

On 2nd Gen trucks, 1994-2002 the fault lies hidden deep in the steering column lower bushing: it’s designed with too much play from the start & prone to wear quickly.

Spending upwards of $ 900 for a new factory column (with the same fault) still won’t satisfy your need for precise steering, or eliminate the tendancy to make ‘clunk, rattle or popping’ noises over rough surfaces.

Not only does our ‘Rock Solid’ Ram Steering Fix eliminate any clunking or popping noise that your column may exhibit, but it removes about 99 % of excess play, virtually transforming the steering feel with a precision you never believed possible !

If you’ve upgraded front end components already, you’ll finally ‘feel’ all those improvements !

One Ram truck owner said::

“Our ’97 Ram 4×4 steers better than new, with no ‘sawing’ on the steering wheel to keep it straight. Road feel is dramatically improved. My hands are still going down the highway !”

The kit features:

1- Precision made, re-engineered, wear resistant, Delrin Bushing assembly w/ retainer, (“Patent Pending”)

2- Easy, step by step, color illustrated instructions

3- Installation tool

This upgrade & approach makes the column rebuild procedure easily within the scope of the mechanically inclined Ram Truck owner. The difficulty level is moderate, and has been compared to skill required to do a typical brake job.

This Upgrade Kit represents a far more economical alternative compared to buying a ‘new’ steering column from the dealer (w/ the same flawed design) for up to $ 900.00 !

Fits all 2WD & 4WD Ram Trucks
1500 / 2500 / 3500

Cost: $ 59.50, shipping inc.

Est. Install Time: 1-2 hrs


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IMPORTANT NOTE: Worn front end components OTHER than the steering column can contribute to poor steering, so a thorough inspection is a MUST, so you eliminate any problem areas.

Remember, your steering system will be no stronger than it’s weakest link – for that reason our kit includes a thorough checklist to make sure you have checked all the potential problem areas.

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